Larry Maddox Interviewed by Houston Chronicle on Investor Anxiety Amidst Recent Stock Market Plunge

The Houston Chronicle recently published an article covering yesterday’s stock market decline, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average drop 2,000 points. Fears related to the new coronavirus and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election are likely causes for what quickly became the worst day the stock market has seen … Read more »

Could Impeachment Impact the Stock Market?

Horizon Wealth Advisors’ Owen Murray Discusses this Concern with US News and World Report We have had many recent scares, from an ongoing trade war with China to waking up to an inverted yield curve, which have caused reaction amongst investors.  During a time with so much noise, it’s hard … Read more »

Presidential Elections And Stock Market Returns

As the Presidential election campaign enters its final stages, there is a growing sense of anxiety among investors about the potential impact the election might have on the stock market.  What can history tell us about stock market returns during and after a Presidential election? As is often the case, … Read more »

Stocks Reach All Time Highs! Is It Time To Worry?

As of yesterday, three major U.S. stock market indices (Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq) closed at all time record highs.  Much of the reaction in the financial press voiced concerns that record market levels suggest that stocks are expensive and that the market is in danger of tumbling. Given … Read more »

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