Owen Murray Interviewed by U.S. News & World Report on Ways To Invest Like Warren Buffett

Our Director of Investments, Owen Murray, contributed to a recent news article titled “7 Ways To Invest Like Warren Buffett” published on usnews.com. Author Wayne Duggan spoke with leading wealth management advisors about Buffett’s simple investing philosophies.  Murray discusses how Buffett makes investment decisions based on fundamental strengths of a … Read more »

Does a Successful Career Equal a Successful Investor?

Horizon’s director of investments, Owen Murray, contributed to a recent article for usnews.com.  Author Wayne Duggan provides some thought provoking commentary in his article titled, “Does Career Success Carry Over to Investing?“.  People who have successful careers are most often masters of their business or craft and their knowledge and … Read more »

On the Horizon Newsletter – Summer 2015

We write our periodic newsletters to address current and ongoing topics of interest for those interested in financial planning, wealth management and investment management. Our summer newsletter provides a discussion of the possible difficulties for fixed income investing in a period of rising interest rates along with our current portfolio … Read more »

Millennial Investors Are Too Conservative

A fascinating effect of the gut-wrenching market gyrations during the 2000’s has been the apparent loss of the Millennials or Generation Y as an investor class.  Millennials include those who were born in the 80’s and 90’s.  Their perception of risk and reward in the stock market is dominated by … Read more »

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