Financial Fragmentation Series – Part 3: How to Avoid or Minimize Financial Fragmentation

This is the final post in our Financial Fragmentation blog series. To view the previous post in this series, please see here. Reviewing your financial plans and goals on a regular basis is especially important for successful financial planning. To finish our Financial Fragmentation blog series, we would like to … Read more »

Financial Fragmentation Series – Part 2: What Are the Consequences of Financial Fragmentation?

This post is part of our Financial Fragmentation blog series. To view the first post in the series, please see here. One of the most important functions of financial planning is to avoid making a big mistake. To continue our Financial Fragmentation blog series, following is a list of many … Read more »

Financial Fragmentation Series – Part 1: Is Your Planning Affected by Financial Fragmentation?

The term financial fragmentation suggests a lack of coordination among your various financial arrangements. Financial fragmentation occurs when financial strategies are not properly coordinated with one another and are not properly integrated with your goals and objectives. For example, how do your taxes impact your investment choices? How does your … Read more »

A Message for Millennials: Don’t Give Up Hope!

Planning Your Financial Future Can Start Now Discussions surrounding young adults’ prospects for retirement are trending in recent news. Young professionals have gathered online to communally air their current financial grievances and the dismal outlook they share towards their financial futures. According to these online discussions, many young professionals feel … Read more »

Horizon Wealth Advisors Ranked as One of Houston’s Top 10 Wealth Management Firms

We were so pleased to be recognized by AdvisoryHQ as one of Houston’s top financial advisors and wealth management firms in their 2018-2019 ranking of top financial advisors, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), and wealth management firms across the U.S. and U.K.  We were recognized for our proactive approach and responsiveness to each … Read more »

Rainy Days Happen to All of Us: The Importance of Being Prepared by Carrying Umbrella Insurance

The Importance of Being Prepared by Carrying Umbrella Insurance   Benefits of Insurance.  One of the great benefits of insurance is that you can transfer the risk of loss and the cost of litigation to an insurance company, rather than bearing the risks yourself.  Many insurance products are self-evident.  For … Read more »

Older than 70 ½? Making qualified charitable distributions from your IRA could save you money

Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from individual retirement accounts have risen in popularity.  These QCDs allow seniors older than 70 ½ to make a direct transfer to charity, rather than taking their required minimum distribution (RMD).  Gifts are allowed (up to $100,000 total) in lieu of or in addition to their … Read more »

New for 2018 – Changes to Itemized Tax Deductions for Individuals

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became law last year, is just beginning to affect taxpayers with the filing of 2018 tax returns, and many may be pleasantly surprised at the impact these changes will have.  Our limited experience thus far suggests that for many taxpayers, these changes may … Read more »

Plan to Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Money’s not the only thing, but it sure helps to make other things possible.  A recent article in the Atlantic by author Neal Gabler, titled “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans,” describes the financial insecurities and travails of the American middle class.  The lengthy article begins by saying that nearly half … Read more »

On the Horizon Newsletter – Summer 2015

We write our periodic newsletters to address current and ongoing topics of interest for those interested in financial planning, wealth management and investment management. Our summer newsletter provides a discussion of the possible difficulties for fixed income investing in a period of rising interest rates along with our current portfolio … Read more »

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