Owen Murray Contributes to an Article on Growth vs. Value Investing



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Horizon’s director of investments, Owen Murray, contributed to a recent article for usnews.com. Author Wayne Duggan spoke with a number of advisors to get their opinions about whether growth stocks would continue to outperform value stocks.  In his article titled, Will Growth or Value Stocks Dominate the Next Decade?  Duggan talks about the long running trend favoring growth stocks, which so far, shows no signs of slowing down.   In the article, Owen explains that this extended out-performance is due to the fact that growth stocks were relatively undervalued a decade ago, and that valuation gap has now closed. In conclusion, the article suggests that long-term investors should focus on creating a balanced, diversified portfolio of both growth and value stocks that fits their personal financial goals and time horizons.

Learn more about Owen Murray’s thoughts on this topic in the U.S. News & World Report article titled “Are Value Stocks Turning a Corner?”.

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