Important Birthdays for Your Retirement Planning

The website at has regular financial planning tips and ideas.  A recent post provides a list of important birthday milestones for retirees or soon-to-be retirees. We don’t think these birthdays compare to the thrill of becoming old enough for your first driver’s license, but they can be mightily important … Read more »

Too Much Company Stock in Your 401K?

When saving and investing for your retirement, it is important to maintain a balanced and well diversified portfolio.  A common (but easily avoidable) mistake is concentrating too much of your nest egg in one investment.  This can be especially risky if the concentration is in your company’s stock. Despite the … Read more »

2015-2016 Contribution Limits for Tax Deferred Savings

The IRS has just released their updated contribution limits for tax deferred savings plans for next year. Since there has been no appreciable inflation for the past year, the contribution limits remain the same as last year.  If you want to begin planning for your 2016 contributions or to maximize your … Read more »

End of File and Suspend – Social Security Surprise in Budget Bill

The confusing prospect of filing for social security benefits just became more complicated. The recently passed Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 provided a major surprise to future retirees who were planning to use a popular planning strategy. The act puts and end to the “file and suspend” strategy for new … Read more »

How’s Your Retirement Confidence?

During the worst of the global financial crisis of 2008, many Americans saw their retirement nest eggs shrink dramatically.  This dealt a huge blow to many who were nearing retirement and cast a chill over the average American’s confidence in their ability to retire at any age.  The good news … Read more »

Planning for Retirement? How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

If you are thinking about retirement, here is a great all in one chart from our friends at JP Morgan.  The chart shows that a retiree with maximum benefits who waits until they are age 70 will receive $4,488 *per month vs. $2,014 per month at age 62.  Delaying benefits results … Read more »

Retirement Planning Advice – Start Early With Good Savings Habits

Start planning for retirement early and with good savings habits.  This will pay dividends down the road and build a better future for you and your family.  Setting retirement goals and having a commitment to your savings is one of the largest and most impactful pieces of your financial plan.  It is the one … Read more »

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