Backdoor Roth: Contributing to Roth IRAs for High Income Earners

Roth IRAs allow for annual non-deductible IRA contributions which grow tax-free and there are never any required distributions as with a tax deductible IRA.  This makes Roth IRAs a very appealing savings option for those who are looking for additional retirement savings.  However, if you earn more than $125,000 in … Read more »

An Alternative Perspective on the European Debt Crisis

Edward P. Lazear, in a recent Wall Street Journal article suggested that there are two theories at large which describe the current concern for European Economies.  The more prominent description is the “domino” theory, suggesting that if Greece fails, then other countries will follow, like dominos in a row. As … Read more »

Larry Maddox’s Observations on the “Arab Spring” after Attending Fidelity’s Executive Forum in Orlando

I returned Wednesday from Orlando where I attended a meeting known as the Fidelity Executive Forum.  Each year, Fidelity invites a group of successful advisors from around the country, along with the Fidelity executive team, to hear from an impressive array of speakers.  This year was no exception and there … Read more »

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